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Surroundings of cottage Happy Home

Sport areas | interesting places in neighbourhood
Surrounding is perfect for cycling! You can do lot of trips in neighbourhood. You can walk, hike, bike or runningski in winter. There is a few historical and natural sights. You should see them!
Sporting areas:

There is a lot of different heftiness ways to go. Here is flat with pounds but also difficult terains in mountains. We ca nrent you a bike. On bike you can visit places like - Tvrz Cuknštejn, Terčino údolí, Žofínský prales, Kraví hora, Dobra voda, Nové Hrady, Žumberk, Žár, Weitra...

Horse riding
The nearly farm provides horse riding for amateurs and also for advanced.

There is a lot of pounds in vicinity. That provides fishing. The biggest pound is Žár.

You can swim in each pound. There are also swimming pools and other nature swimming areas in teh neigbourhood.

Courts are in villages near here.

Beach Volleyball
is in the village Radostice

There is a driving range in Borovy. In Weita(20km Austria) is beautiful golf area.

In Austria are centers Sandl and Karlstift (30km from here).
Interesting places in neighbourhood (by bike or by car):
Tvrz Cuknštejn
The old fortress is unique in South Bohemia. More information here

Novohradský hrad
Novohradský castle is beautiful.More information here

Zámek v Nových Hradech
The Chateau in Nové Hrady isis part of Buquoy family. More information here

Hrobka rodu Buquoy v Nových Hradech
The crypt of Buquoy family was built in 1890 - 1892. It is gothik movement. The architekt was Josef Schulz from Prague. More information here

Terčino údolí
The nature park "Terezino údolí" is located in Valley of Stropnice river. It was foundted in 18. century. More Information here

Žofínský prales
This virgin forest is the oldest nature reservation park in Czech Republic. It has almost 100 ha. More information here

Kraví hora
From the top of this "Cow mountain" is a beatiful view of this location

Is a beatiful historical town in Austria. It is located right behing the Czech-Austria border. The old castle from the year of 1606 and historical square is the pretiest part of the town. It also has great golf club.
More information here

Small town behing the border near Česke Velenice. There is a historical square and good shopping possibility
More information here

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